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Statistical Consulting Services

State of the Art Statistical Analysis
  • Statistical methods include analysis of variance, linear and logistic regression, trend analysis, non-parametric methods, survival analysis, cluster analysis, structural equation modeling, factor analysis, reliability analysis, and others
  • Advice on appropriate analysis techniques based on your data
  • Adherence to the assumptions of the statistical tests
  • Thorough data cleaning and missing data evaluation
  • Simulation studies
  • Data mining
  • Modeling
Experts in longitudinal analysis and large datasets.

We can translate your research ideas into the appropriate statistical methodology.

Fees guaranteed in writing and based on the amount of work.
Statistics consulting for big or small jobs.
Confidentiality guaranteed in writing.

Survey Services

  • Survey instrument development and deployment
  • Statistical power and sample size calculation
  • Analysis of results
  • Customized reporting

Journal/Grant Writing Assistance

  • Study design
  • Statistical power analysis
  • Statistical analysis and results
  • Response to reviewer criticism

Dissertation Assistance

  • Study/methodology planning
  • Statistical literature review
  • Statistical analysis
  • Sample size calculation
  • Database management
  • Interpretation of results
  • Survey design and/or deployment
  • Statistical software help
  • Defense coaching