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Survey Structure and Content
It is imperative that the statistical analysis plan be compatible with the structure of the survey.  The type of analysis and the questions to be answered need to be considered at the survey design stage.  The data analyses are dependent upon the type of questions and the way the in which the questions are asked.  Planning ahead will guarantee analyzable results.
Analysis of Results
Survey data analysis includes a summary report of responses, data cleaning, and missing data analysis.  The statistical methods employed to analyze the survey results are dependent upon the data.  The data may be analyzed using logistic or linear regression, analysis of variance, chi square tests, or others.  We have the technical expertise to provide the most sophisticated level of statistical support.

Sample Size and Power
It is crucial to have a sample large  enough to support hypothesis testing.  An insufficient sample size can jeopardize the publication of results or grant funding, and may invalidate results.  We have the experience to calculate the sample size for your study and provide written justification for journals, grants, dissertations, or research reports.